I'm not a loyal reader of Jamie magazine, mostly because his selections are pretty meat-heavy. And that's fine. In fact, I have a lot of respect for meat-eaters who are conscientious consumers and actively care about animal welfare. Still, for now I don't eat meat and so when I dive into Jamie's magazines I usually rule out a fair chunk of it instantly. I made an exception for the Christmas edition which has a lovely spread on vegetarian holiday option, including this.

No matter how understanding people are, Christmas is a dreaded time when I find myself explaining (nay, justifying) my vegetarianism repeatedly. People always think it's an attack on their food choices when, in fact, it's a decision I only make for myself. I can safely say, there's nothing less fun than eating a meal all the while being told you're probably anemic and lectured on evolution.

On to less contentious dinner courses, the issue also contains this Ginger and Clementine layer cake. Thankfully, my eating restrictions rarely rule out desserts of any kind. So, I'll happily split a slice of this with any and all.
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