I'm so happy to have today off, after an up-and-down week. I've been troubled following the news from home and sad for friends who work hard and struggle in a country that gets punch drunk every time it makes a few bob. And, to be honest, it also makes me glad about my decision to leave and I feel very stoic and Canadian all of a sudden. Though the second I feel that, I feel conflicted about it. Because after all I'm Irish and full of nonsense too.

And I've been watching the Irish news and thinking how can a country with such bright discourse not know better. And I think it's precisely because the Irish are such good talkers. We rest on our laurels and think we can charm and debate our way out of everything and we do ridiculous things and think we're hilarious for it. And we're all tongue in cheek until we realize that this isn't a cattle market and our twinkliness won't get us out of this one.

But all of this is hard for me and it's not nice to not feel proud of where you come from. Or to have people say to me, jeez your country's a mess, even if I agree with them. And I must say, it made me blue this week and worried and feel indignant in a way that never really feels good.

At the same time, my own stuff is going well and I'm excited today to be judging at The One of a Kind Show (do say hello if you're there, though I give you fair warning that I may be shy and awkward!) And things are moving steadily forward with my own projects and I'm excited for a day when I can share more with you, because I'm bursting at the seams a little!

The weather's been getting steadily colder, though I'm always the last hold-out when it comes to donning a winter coat. I have a childlike aversion to coats. Still, I hope tonight to sit somewhere with golden lights and drink a dark pint and feel the cozy warmth of shelter. I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday are stuffed and drowsy and relaxed. And I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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