Sunday best: Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween but this year I've reeled it right back. No parties, no entertaining. I just bought a bunch of mini white pumpkins and arranged them on my Herriott Grace cakestands and I think they look beautiful and restrained and that seems to suit my mood right now. And so this Sunday I have nothing worth telling planned and I'm reveling in that alone. Just a book to finish and some writing to do. Sunday errands round it off. And I feel like this is just the perfect thing to wear today.

Yesterday, I got a long overdue haircut. An hour squirming and trying to avoid eye contact with myself while I sat there made me confront how tired and drawn I look right now. So, I'm thinking about skincare and make-up and wondering if any of this can be improved. I'm trying to not feel bad about it but I definitely need some kind of pick-me-up on the appearance front.

And, I'm pretty sure drinking more water and eating more greens would help too. They took away our water coolers at work (!) and since then, I've become terrible about drinking enough while I'm in the office. On the upside, I've been taking my Vitamin D every day (very important up here) and also taking an vegetarian omega supplement that tastes vile and reminds me of the Cod Liver Oil Mum used to spoon down us when we were young. Shudder!

And I've been working out 5-6 times a week for the last month and I feel a lot better for it. Still, I'd like to lose some weight too so I should probably start looking more closely at my diet. Though my office doesn't supply water, they do supply candy and I've been hitting the sweet stash for afternoon pick-me-ups. The worst part is I don't even like that kind of candy so it's not even satisfying. But Sunday's a great day for having optimistic thoughts about new goals, so I'm feeling upbeat.

Have a Happy Halloween, friends!

Products: Cotton-cashmere cardigan from J.Crew Men / Wool Voile Scoop Top from Built by Wendy / Apolis + Matteo Linen Scarf from Apolis via Honey Kennedy / Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 from Sephora / Straight Leg Jean from Toast / Mini Fox Head ring from Pyrrha / Ally Capellino Canvas Tote from Steven Alan / White pumpkin via / Clarks Originals “wallabee shoe” from Gravity Pope
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