Found: The bed

You know my epic bedroom decorating saga? Well it all hinged on my bed-indecision. I didn't want a big wooden affair, because it would dictate way too much about other furniture choices. And upholstered beds seem so impermanent and, frankly, dirty to me, especially for the cost.

I'd long admired this style of bed, which seemed a perfect combination of upholstery and furniture. But where to find one I could afford? Other must-haves included: No footboard, hold box-spring and mattress, a full bed-frame (not just a headboard; I want to get rid of bed skirts). And, of course, price is important, though also flexible relative to my wishlist and quality.

Yay Restoration Hardware! The Lorraine bed above (in fact all the beds in the second image) are available either with or without footboard. I love the gentle curves of the headboard. And I'm crazy for the weathered oak finish of the wood. And although it's obviously feminine, I don't think it's too crazily frou-frou. When I look back on past inspiration (here and here and here), this bed just fits.

Now, I just need to save those pennies. But just knowing what it is I want to buy makes me feel so much better!
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