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Olivet is a beautiful and reliable source of sweet, daily inspiration. Mary, the blogger behind Olivet, has an aesthetic that is clean and consistent and is, I think you'll agree, beautifully reflected in her home. Change is afoot for Mary and I'm excited to watch Olivet evolve as she shares her new and original endeavours. This is where Mary blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I know this might sound corny, but as a fan of this series, I've often dreamed of getting a chance to share my space on Jane's wonderful blog. It's nothing fancy or amazing. But it's where I spend a bit of time everyday.

I haven't shared this yet on Olivet, but just last week quit my full-time corporate job and moved into a new apartment. These are two major changes that have drastically altered where and when I blog.

For the past year, I either did my blogging early, early in the morning before work (around 5 - 6:00 AM) or on the weekends, sitting on my tiny little Ektorp love seat. But, since I've left my job and moved into a new apartment, I have my own desk and plenty of time in the day to blog.

No matter where, either space, I always keep a little notepad to write things down. I'm a chronic list maker and tend to have to write everything on paper - things to do, things I like, places to see, new ideas, pros and cons... everything. Another must is having something inspiring near. Like the red stripe fabric. I swear I've been carrying those same two yards of fabric around for months just waiting to do something with.

The jar to the left of my computer is filled with all sorts of sundries I've picked up through out life. The big orange flower is a pen that was made by one of my campers when I spent the summer as a camp counselor a few years ago. You might not be able to see it, but there's also a popsicle stick note that one of my students made during an art class I taught at a local pre-school. Not sure why - but these little reminders of life and touching lives brings me so much inspiration.

Another must is a big window. When I blogged from the loveseat, there was a pair of french doors right next to it. I love greenery and sun and the outdoors. If I'm not outside enjoying it, I have to be able to glance up and take a gaze at it once in awhile.

Oh and one other thing you can't see that I always have is music - gotta have a little Pandora going on in the background!! :)

I hope you all enjoyed my modest blogging space. I'm honored to have it saved in a series with so many talented individuals. Thanks again for asking me Jane!! Such a pleasure :)

Thanks Mary!
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