Where we blog from: The City Sage

Back when I started "Where we blog from", Anne of The City Sage was on the list of people whose blogging space I was dying to see. Anne's reputation precedes her and I'm sure you're all familiar with her blog. She's also one of the ladies behind Rue Magazine, which will debut in September. This is where Anne blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I've carved out a little corner of my living room for a desk and comfy blogging chair. As with most of my house, this area is a work in progress. I'm great at telling other people how to decorate their homes but terrible at making decisions for my own--hence the empty frames, as I've yet to settle on what artwork will look best in them. I've heard it's bad feng shui to have empty frames on the wall, and I even considered photo-shopping something into them before sending this image to Jane, but then I realized that would be even crazier than just having empty ones!

A couple notes on the elements of the space: The Paulistano Chair is a much-prized college graduation gift from the in-laws, and the leather pouf is from Tazi Designs in San Francisco. My mother snagged the desk from a castoff furniture pile at the University of Toronto. It's very heavy and horribly ugly so I've covered it with a tablecloth from the flea market. Shortly after I staged this photo shoot, the cats discovered they love vintage 1950's linens--for sharpening their claws. My only desk essential of late, other than my laptop of course, is a jar of fresh lavender blossoms from Trader Joe's. The scent wafts up to me as I work and is simply divine!

Thanks Anne!
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