Tickled pink

It all started with this spread. It was one of those 'whoah now' moments. And then there were the pink peonies that I bought week after week. The climax was my unprecedented decision to paint my bathroom pink. I'm now crazy about pink.

But it's a more rustic and worn approach to pink that I'm embracing. And I like it tempered with lots of dark accents, so it's not all little girl's bedroom. My Frazier & Wing mobile epitomizes this... the pink is toughened up by the black and charcoal. I love that effect.

I seem unstoppable. I really, really, want Farrow & Ball's peony wallpaper in a soft pinkish beige, but I can't justify that. But I still keep thinking about it. And all the while, I wondering, really, Jane, really? But then I see another example and I think, yes really.

Image credits: Rosenow Floral / Elle Decor via From the Right Bank / Canvas / Frazier & Wing / Farrow & BallMary McGee Interiors via Simply Grove
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