Home (a rant)

A couple of weeks ago, after I posted some pictures of my apartment, somebody e-mailed and said my place is really "getting there". I felt so embarrassed, but also pissed off (I am Irish after all; scrappy is my default setting). It's a category mistake to think I view my home as moving towards some kind of destination in time. Sure, there are some things I know I want to do, but mostly I'm just living in it, expressing myself through it and letting it change in sync with my life, my moods and my taste.

That comment betrayed one of those little decor clique attitudes I detest. The concept of 'before' and 'after' wrecks my little head. Sure, if you paint a room, you can take a picture of it before and a picture after. But I loathe the idea that anything is "done". Do you think your wardrobe is ever done? Why would you think your home is? Why would you try to freeze it in time, all puffed up in its Sunday best with a stupid smile smeared across its face.

A photoshoot does not capture a room being lived in. It does not capture seasons. It does not show a room transition from social gathering to solitary retreat. The beauty of a home is in its ability to be warm and welcoming in all those changing scenes, to be comforting, to adapt to its owner and to express new and interesting perspectives as it evolves.
That's home to me and why I love mine and want to share it.

So, you see, "there" is not a place I am trying to get to.
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