Hooray Friday! The week flew and I'm hoping they keep flying until the weather becomes more tolerable. I had mild heat stroke early in the week and have been struggling with the heat since. I'm just maxed out on it, completely not built for this and I need it to end soon. I promise not to complain about snow this winter.

Grass Doe (a link that originated with Stephanie) has become a daily salve; just beautiful, beautiful photographs. I've also been living and breathing David Mitchell, slowly reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. BFF picked me up a signed copy (yay!) and I loved this Paris Review interview with Mitchell. He's so modest and I love that.

I've been trying to get ahead of my budget the last few weeks, which has meant lying pretty low on the weekends. Still, one too many nights lying in bed trying to add up purchases in my head has left me with spending fatigue, so it's a relief to take a break from spreeing. This weekend, I just want to take some pictures and read my book. With all this heat, I need to catch up on sleep as well. I've got four columns to write too, so that will pretty much be my two days, gone before I know it! Wishing you a lovely, lovely weekend.

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P.S. A note for ReadyMade readers: The ReadyMade website relaunched this week, so if you subscribe to my RM posts in your reader, your feed will be bust. Unfortunately, there's no way to subscribe just to the fashion blog any more - the only RSS feed is for all nine blogs. And sadly, all your lovely original comments were also lost in the relaunch. Nevertheless, you can still read my posts here (also linked to from the tile on my right nav) and I usually tweet when there's something new up, if you follow me on Twitter.
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