Personality & warmth

I've become a little bored with decor magazines lately. Actually, that's a lie. The real truth is that I'm bored of decor blogs and seeing the same rooms posted and reposted, over and over. Because no matter how lovely those homes are, a cacophony of loveliness is still, well, cacophonous.

When I start to feel like this, I'm interested in what breaks through my jadedness. It's always something with more than good design; something with personality and warmth. Nikole's place still stands out in my mind. As do Jill's and Liane's. This favourite spread does too.

I was rooting through my old World of Interiors and I noticed the home above afresh. It's Anna Wintour's Long Island home. In many ways that's hard to believe. But in others, it makes sense that a woman so supersaturated in the design world, would create a refuge that is, first and foremost, warm, inviting, unpretentious and individual.

Photograph by Eric Boman from World of Interiors, March 2006
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