Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada's 143rd birthday! It seemed senseless not to take tomorrow off as well, so it's another four-day weekend for Janey. I feel like I've won the lotto (small mercies, small mercies)! Tonight, I'm watching The Snapper with Laura and making some kind of silly cocktail. I hope we laugh and laugh and laugh. And I'm going gallivanting with my friend Elena on Saturday. Hopefully a breezy, happy weekend and a perfect birthday for Canada.

July also marks the 7th anniversary of my arrival here. I can't believe how fast I'm approaching the decade mark. I wonder if I'll even feel more Canadian than Irish. It's so hard to say... Day-to-day I don't think I can imagine living in Ireland again. But I do definitely feel Irish in a cultural and geographic sense.

I think part of that is I don't get out of Toronto enough. I live a completely downtown life, so I haven't formed those deep connections to the land here. When I watch documentaries about Canada, I realize I have only a fleeting concept that all of that is part of the country I live in. It's so easy to disassociate from it when you're always in the city. But it's a disservice to this place and to myself... I really need to get out of town more often.

Photo from Heinrick05's Flickr
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