Glimpses of home

I'm always tweaking something. This weekend it was my bedroom. I sat in the coffee shop on Saturday morning, after a haircut, and sketched out five different floorplans for how I might rearrange my bedroom. Then, later, I came home and pushed the bed to the left about two feet and voila! - that's all it needed.

That little push also helped crystallize exactly what needs doing in my bedroom and so I made a shopping list for the remainder of the year. And then, because I was clearly on a roll, I made a budget too. What was going to be a lazy Saturday turned into a mini-new year for me. I set goals, made spreadsheets, cleaned closets and did laundry and housecleaning.

So, I'm having a well-earned lazy Sunday, reading and cooking and watching telly. Hope you had a lovely, productive and relaxing weekend!

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