I honestly can't decide if the summer is dragging or flying by. These hot draining days seem to go on forever, yet I have to pinch myself when I realize we're headed into the last week of July. I'm not sure I've accomplished much this summer. Though, in some subtle and more important ways, I feel like I'm undergoing some huge changes.

One thing that fell off my plate over the summer was the "Where we blog from" series. It wasn't deliberate. My reservoir of submissions dried up and people had vacations etc to juggle. I'm always just so grateful that people want to contribute that I don't want those contributions to feel like another burden on our already full to-do lists. So, I took a wee break from it. But "Where we blog from" is coming back this Monday and I have some fabulous bloggers lined up to participate. I'm excited to start it up again!

Around the blogosphere this week: Anabela started a new series, this is where I live, that I just love. Much as I'm part of the whole decor blog scene, I also just like people, their homes, their quirky objects and stories and how the things they arrange around themselves cohere into a beautiful form of self-expression. It's what I always hoped to express with "Where we blog from" and Anabela's this is where I live series is a perfect, beautiful example of this same sentiment.

Also... I love a music recommendation from Chelsea and this seems like a good place to listen to a summer soundtrack.  These baskets for the farmers market and these back-packs for the beach—perfect. I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight and get a bit ahead on work over the weekend, as well as catch up with some friends whom I've too long neglected. Apart from that: Books, ice lollies, phone calls and strolls. You?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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