Oooh Friday, so happy to see you again! Another hot week in Toronto, but I'm coping a little better with it now. Ice lollies help. So do cocktails, some of which I'll be consuming tonight. I think other than that I'll lie low and do things that don't involve spending money. Reading is top of that list. God, I love getting to that point where I crack the spine of a book. I wait until I'm hook, lined and sinkered and it's a symbolic moment, when I surrender entirely to the narrative. I typically find it hard to come up for air after that happens.

I've been thinking more about the things I want to do that are things I should be doing without having to think about (a tongue-twister I know). Sometimes, I think other people just get up and do these things, whereas they become some crazy orgy of self-flagellation for me. There's a letting go in there, that I sometimes struggle with. Maybe I'll figure some of that out this weekend. Or not figure and just do.

And part of the letting go is letting go of some of this internet stuff. I love blogging, but sometimes the blog world makes me feel sucky. I'm so not cut out for the self-promotion, fake modesty, the endless networking of it. I think it makes my relationships more meaningful if I can give a few people more of my attention. Everybody talks about blogging as curation. So, I'm also curating my blog-world. It's going to be an evolving thing, but I'm not going to let it overwhelm or depress me. Nor am I going to feel guilty for only being able to do so much and follow so many people. I'd rather deepen good relationships than have a big network. I'm interested in how you manage this too...

A few things I loved this week: This pure, frothy, delightful loveliness. I'm also crazy for the last picture in this post. And this kitchen is perfection. On ReadyMade, I blogged a seersucker round-up, a Mociun Style Inspiration and lots of gorgeous bracelets (my favourite casual kind). Read all my ReadyMade posts here.

Wishing you a lovely weekend! Are you doing anything special?

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