It was a big, hot, sticky mess of a week. Every day was a sequence of plans to minimize time outside, get to air-conditioned places and try to avoid my face melting and my hair frizz-whizzing. Paints an attractive picture, eh?

In things bloggy this week, I like all the same things Joslyn likes. I also like these clothes a lot and am excited for this label too. Though clothes-lust reminds me I need to diet! In less figure-challenging areas, I loved this home - so inspiring - and this round-up of pretty, painted furniture. But my absolute favourite thing this humid, swampy week was these two images. I can't tell you how often I stood on the subway platform and closed my eyes and tried to think myself cooler by thinking of these.

They're saying the temp will drop for the weekend and I'm holding them, whoever they are, accountable. I want to run around and do things, drink hot coffee without feeling like I'm going to do myself in and turn off the damn A/C. I'm not thinking past those simple pleasures. What are you up to? Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Image credits: 1. isn't this a great wall?, 2. Untitled, 3. I'll taste the sky and feel alive again., 4. canaan farms
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