Hooray for Friday! It's hard to believe that only last weekend my apartment was in complete disarray. I've managed to pull everything back together this week, finally rehanging my pictures yesterday. It all feels so nice and I'm happy to have another long weekend just to enjoy it.

Around the blogosphere this week: I love this shelf and this arrangement of cake pans. I'm really, really falling for balloon shades (for my bedroom, maybe?), seen in this post and also in Rita Konig's column (and here). Outdoors, I'm still obsessed with those gardens I don't own. These garden sheds and these ones too... sigh! And in fashion, it's all about these earrings and, if I'm allowed to be, I'm in love with this week's Style Inspiration too!

I have a few columns to write this weekend, but I'm planning to read and hang out with friends too. The weather has cooled right down to a perfect temperature the last few days, though I suspect the mercury is rising again today. Hope the weather is lovely where you are and you enjoy your weekend, especially those of you celebrating a holiday!

Image credits: 1. _MG_2089, 2. rainy day breakfast, 3. Lakeview, 4. Untitled
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