Painting not posting

I spent the weekend painting and working. I did get out on Saturday, before the humidity kicked into killer, and saw those nightstands (if you haven't voted, please do!) and also got myself a little something something at Hollace Cluny.

I don't have pictures to show you yet, but they had just got in these amazing silk and cotton cushion covers woven by women in Afghanistan. They were literally just unpacking them as I was in the store and hadn't even priced them, so I couldn't take them home with me. But I put a pair on hold. The colours were the most vibrant jewel tones ever. I did walk out with one thing. Funny, since I included a rip-off of it in my inspiration sets. But I splurged on a Jielde Signal lamp. It's still in its box until I finish painting, but I'm very excited about this purchase!

How was your weekend?
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