Nightstand poll!

Yesterday, as promised, I took a stroll down Yonge St and at Constantine found some amazing options for bedside tables. I didn't make an order because I needed to do some measurements first. But then, when I got home, I took another look at the supplier website and found myself distracted by different styles. I slept on it last night and have narrowed my choice down to two.

I tend to look for signs in names, so Berkeley (the Irish philosopher and fellow Trinner) has my heart. The wood is also grey (yes, the picture here is colour), which of course is a big hit for me. But I do love the curves of Isabella. I think Isabella is one I would admire elsewhere, but Berkeley is really me. But I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or vote below!

Both pieces from Bungalow5, sold through Constantine in Toronto.
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