It wasn't a great week, but it went relatively fast. There seems to be lots of stress around right now. I try to shake it off, but I'm pretty sensitive even when I'm not directly in the line of fire myself. I came home each night looking for consolation in small things, only to feel exhausted. So while I'd love to write a post about how renewing the weekend will be, how I'll check things off lists and sleep perfect sleeps, I'll be working most of it and the bit that's leftover will go by too fast.

Still, there were some lovely moments this week too: I was visiting over on Apt 34 and took myself on a little flight of fancy (where I'd like to be right now). Read it here. And this post inspired me to make some time to learn something new and material. The problem with working with words is that you don't have something to reveal at the end of it. You just shed words onto pages. In Dublin, darkroom printing used to give me that more tactile outlet, but good luck finding a great FB darkroom set-up these days. So, I think I need something new to sink my teeth into. Time away from words.

I know it's already two weeks old, but I keep going back and looking at Nikole's apartment. She's endlessly inspiring. And this post made me want to go canoeing in a mountain lake. I think Constança's flower arrangements are really lovely. And speaking of lovely things, I've had this lemon cake starred in my reader for weeks now and my mouth waters every time I scroll past it. I'm counting down the days until the release of this book (in fact I keep checking bookstores to see if they might have accidentally put it on display early). But, in the meantime, there's a new issue of Brick to enjoy.

Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend? I hope it's slow and lovely.

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