Finding my style, afresh

Last night, I came home frustrated about decor. So, I went back to basics and listed the components of a room: Wall colour / wallpaper, window treatments, floor treatments / rugs, lighting, furniture, upholstered furniture and, of course, accessories. I looked through the Domino decorating book, magazines and books. And I looked through my Tumblr. I listed what I love, what I hate and what I'm stuck with in my apartment.

I took inventory of what I already own and grabbed images of those things I love. I also grabbed images of the things I know I want and love. Then I stood back and assessed the blanks. Sometimes, I find looking at images of other people's complete, and beautiful spaces so entirely confusing. I start to think I want a total change, to think I'm doing everything wrong, to I think I've gone down the wrong decor path. It's too easy to not trust your own style.

But, I'm really fairly consistent: Rustic, modern, bookish, character. I go for greys, neutrals, classic rustic patina. I max out on accessorizing. I like piles of books and abundant flowers, groups of ceramics and vases. I'm no Kelly Hoppen and I'm no Rita Konig either. Though I'll look at rooms by both and adore them.

There are some things I'd like to replace. For example, I shouldn't be too hung up about choosing a bed that complements my chest of drawers, because I don't like my chest of drawers that much. I don't like my coffee table much either. And some accessories I'm no longer in love with were bullying me in directions I don't want to go (like my bullet planter).

I've given up being frustrated with this process. I think it's more than the bed that was bugging me. The bed was just a tipping point because as well as being a hefty style statement, it represents such a hefty investment. Now, I feel like I'm getting back to brass tacks and looking at what's really important. Sometimes a little reductio in decorating goes a long way. Now, I'm having fun again!

All images from my Tumblr sourced from the following blogs. Top set: My Scandinavian Retreat / Auburn & Ivory / Remodelista / Brabourne Farm Second set:  Four Walls and a Roof / Apartment Therapy / Oh So Beautiful Paper / Brabourne Farm. Please click through for full credit.
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