I literally could not sleep thinking about my bedroom last night. I know I'm making mountains out of molehills, but I'm so sick of it not being done. It's close enough that I can taste it and I think that's what's getting to me. However, the big stumbling block is still the bed. Remember this one (because I decided I hated beds)? Now I think that works fine in pictures but in the real world, I'd walk into the room and think, where's the headboard?

Then I considered this uber-bed. But I saw it in person last night and ruled it out. Then I was thinking upholstered, but my inner voice screams "hotel chic" when I see upholstered beds and, of course, I hate "hotel chic".

I think as much as the bed is the issue, the stores are too. I really want to walk into a shop and buy a bed from the person who made it. I want it to be a treasured piece to me not because I spent x-number of dollars on it and feel locked in to the purchase, but because I care about its maker. I want a bed I can tell a story about. Unfortunately, stories can be pricey little things. Especially when your search is confined to the city. There's a premium on stories downtown.

But, I've got my fingers crossed on a couple of sources I haven't scoped out yet. I'm hoping that this isn't one of those things that has become difficult for no good reason and that I soon settle on something! On the upside, isn't it apparent how well those zinc nightstands fit my style? I have to find something similar!

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