Where we blog from: Tulips and Flight Suits

Today's Where we blog from was a submission from a blogger I didn't know. But, I'm so very glad she introduced herself and her blog to me! Tulips and Flight Suits is a sweet-as-pie blog and I'm looking forward to following it and getting to know its owner Mary better. This is where Mary blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello! I'm so excited to share where I blog from as a part of this amazing series! I love blogging from just about anywhere and can't tell you all the crazy places I've been and had an idea for the blog. But most days/nights, I'm in one of three places:

My desk has this gorgeous view of the water and is just big enough to hold all my ideas! The desk itself I love. It's two Ikea file cabinets with an ikea desk top across it. I love the Stockholm file and paper organizers from the Container Store (they're stacked on the side!) For inspiration, I have a handsome photo of my husband from our wedding day, a candle from Curly Girl, and this sign from Christine Mason Miller. My best friend gave it to me for being in her wedding and I love what it says:

"It is the day to day I cherish the most,
For it is in those quiet spaces
where wisdom is developed
and our very selves are created."

Finally, all the way around the room, we have these frames from Pottery Barn. The four by my desk are some of my favorite. My sweet husband when he's little holding a bag of goldfish, one of our engagement photos that's just so us, my parents on their wedding and day and my brother and me as little kids.

The other place I blog from is our big old dining room table. I like having this huge space to spread out everything I'm looking at/working on. Plus I love all the sunlight that comes in the windows.

Probably my favorite place to blog is in the evenings, when my husband is home. We'll hang out on the couch after dinner, catching up on life and then stay their next to each other while he studies for flight school, and I e-mail, blog, work, etc. It's just nice to be right there next to one another. You can see lots more photos of our house here and here.

Thank you so much Jane for letting me be a part of this wonderful series -- I continue to be inspired by it!

Thanks Mary!
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