Where we blog from & sponsor introduction: Sage & Style

One of my newest blog sponsors is a fellow-blogger. Taryn of Sage & Style has an amazing eye for style and shares some of the most amazing inspiration boards I've come across. With such inherent and effortless style, how could I resist asking for a sneak peek at her blogging space, by way of a sponsor introduction?! I think you'll agree that her space is very special indeed. This is where Taryn blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello, everyone! When Jane asked me to share “where I blog from,” I was thrilled and instantly introspective. After all, it’s not everyday you take a look at yourself and your work through the eyes of your home.

Each of these cozy nooks makes up my condo in Chicago’s Wicker Park. I travel quite often for my full time gig (photo styling and writing) so when I am at home I gravitate towards what I’ve missed most: my husband, our friends, the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood, the views from our balcony, and the sounds of the ‘L’ next-door.

Dining Room Table: I found my dining room table at Orangeskin in Chicago after months of searching. I covet simple lines and intriguing pieces so when I saw these chairs I had to have them. Who doesn’t love lacing? I’ll sit here when I need to spread out, my laptop and papers askew, the windows slightly ajar.

Kitchen: Lately I find myself blogging, writing and researching from the kitchen island. When we entertain on weekends, our kitchen turns into the gathering place, so somehow on a Monday morning it just feels right being back there.

Living Room: I dreamed about these Ligne Roset couches for years before I finally made the purchase, and every time I sit on them I feel utter bliss. About five years ago I became a Style Editor at a home magazine, and that’s when I really began to develop my tastes and sensibilities. I also discovered proportion, which has helped with these tall walls!

Bedroom Chair: This Womb Chair is our newest decor addition and has proven to be the coziest of work spots. I’m really into travel and count hotel decor as one of my top inspirations, so I tried to design our bedroom to feel as though it was a luxurious suite.

Bookshelf: This shelf is in my office. I feel calm when I have books around so I pile them up wherever I can. I found this green shoe painting in Notting Hill when I was going to school in London. The T + B box was an antique library index file which we used in our wedding photo booth and these funny book ends are from Jayson Home & Garden, one of my favorite Chicago stores.

Office Desk: This is my “official” desk. I love my Kartell Mademoiselle chair for the punch it gives the room. In my world, patterns are perfection. The desk is from Blu Dot, an absolute favorite for affordable modern stuff. I’m originally from Michigan, so I try to surround myself with memorabilia, like those “mitten” images on the board. I also recovered the cork in an awesome tree bark fabric that I got for $7 a yard. I think I might keep that for art when we redecorate.

Thanks so much Jane for including me in this series, it’s been such a treat to share my spaces with you!

Thanks Taryn!

Note: Sponsor introduction posts are offered to long-term sponsors. Fit and integrity are important to me and all sponsors are handpicked to fit with my content and readers.
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