Let me take you on a little vacation today. It really doesn't matter where we go. The weather will be sunny, but not too hot. Warm enough that you want to close your eyes and lean your head back and feel the sun on your eyelids. Crisp enough that you need a cozy duvet, maybe even a fire, at night.

The days will be quiet and you'll find yourself absorbed in some book, filled with moments of revelation and phrases that sear themselves into your brain. The air will be laced with the fragrance of lavender and roses and the sweet, peaty smell of new growth in earth after it has rained.

Your sleep will be glorious and deep and renewing and it will be easy to get up early to swim or walk or gallivant. The days will go so slow that you'll feel suspended in time. Every moment will be something to savour and you'll feel so wholly disconnected from all the e-mails and phonecalls that you wonder how you do it all, day-in, day-out, everybody wanting something.

This place and these days will hold a magical power over you for the rest of your life.

Tudor Lodge from Under the Thatch.
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