I usually work many hours on the weekends, as well as the weekdays and nights. And although my evening and weekend hours are spent working from home, sometimes it's like I'm not even there. Yesterday when I had the day off, I found myself falling in love with my place a bit. Oh, it's not perfect decor-wise, there are lots of to-do things niggling at me.

But, I'm such a homebody and I just loved spending some time puttering around. I handwashed lingerie and cashmere. And while it dried, I polished all my wooden utensils with Clapham's salad bowl finish. It was my first time using it and I found it pretty great.

I ate some of this summer pie that I had leftover from Sunday. And I made this Fougasse with arugula, pan-fried oyster mushrooms (in butter and truffle oil), shavings of Blarney cheese and lemon aioli for lunch, with leftovers for dinner. When I like a new song I listen to it over and over non-stop and I tend to be the same with food -  I get stuck on one favourite thing at a time.

Over the weekend, I finally dressed my bed with the DwellStudio bedding I bought (on massive sale) from Modern Karibou back in January. My bedroom needs some major decorating, but I don't feel quite ready for big spending right now. So, it will wait. But even so, there's something about the mood in there that I love, it's really pretty cozy.
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