Where we blog from: Simple Blueprint

This week's Where we blog from is from Joanna of Simple Blueprint. Joanna is a Swedish American Art Director and Stylist living in Stockholm. So, it's no surprise that everything she blogs is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Joanna's aesthetic is at once clean and chic but also glamorous. And, if you're prone to dog-envy (I am) you're going to go berserk over Brooklyn, her Ridgeback. This is where Joanna blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I have three main spots that I blog from; the kitchen table, our couch and my home office. It sort of depends what time of day and what mood I am in. 

In the morning the kitchen gets wonderful light and that puts me in such a great mood. I love long breakfasts and when possible I sit for hours, looking at links that inspire me, eating a blueberry scone, some papaya and sipping on green tea as I put together a post. Long slow mornings are the best.

My home office is where i keep all the things that inspire me, As you can see I am addicted to typography. I try to contain myself, but typography is my obsession. Throughout the apartment there are stacks and stacks of magazines. If i am feeling stumped flipping threw a few pages is one of the ways I gets my inspiration going. It is also one of the ways I find new illustrators, photographers and designers.

When I am feeling a little lazy but still want to put together a post I move over to our couch. Brooklyn, our Ridgeback, loves to curl up next to me. I try not to allow her on the furniture but I just cannot resist her cute face when she tilts her head and look at me... Jane thank you for letting me share my space.

Thanks Joanna!
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