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I've said it before, but my favourite blogs are the ones that express an entire personality. Fashion and design are fuel to my fire, but without a distinctive personality and style, you risk blending in to so many other beautiful design blogs. Kate of For Me, For You runs no such risk. Her blog is expressive and unique, her taste impeccable and her voice chatty and warm. She also has a jewelry store and every time there's an update, inevitable frenzy ensues... but for very good reason. Her necklaces are as charming as her blog. So, I'm delighted to share where Kate blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to show you guys where I blog from in Long Island City, Queens - a semi-secretly awesome neighborhood in New York City. It's not a secret that I am constantly re-arranging my apartment and moving things around - I'm actually pretty sure that I'm addicted to it. So what you see here may not be here for long! I love that though, making something new (usually for zero dollars) is a great way to give you a kick of creativity! Thankfully I have a boyfriend who not only tolerates that, but encourages it:)

This is my main blogging headquarters, the tiny little extra room in my apartment where sometimes the radiator shrieks so loud you can't hear yourself think, but in New York City an extra room is like gold, so I can't complain much. I recently (as in, the day before the photo was taken) painted the walls a very pale blueish gray and tried to edit down the art on the walls (I get a little overzealous about that sometimes) to make it feel a bit more put together - but honestly this room is the most neglected in the apartment due to it being tucked away. But my favorite parts are my vintage photo collection, and my little plants that keep my company.

I love the found photo on the left because I dream about living in the desert, and the photo on the right is my grandparents, mom, and aunt in the 60's. I'm kind of obsessed with hanging things from bulldog clips - it's a nice non permanent way to display things. I usually use colorful embroidery thread from my necklace supply.

Because my boyfriend and I share a desktop computer and a laptop, and because sometimes the backroom can be a bit lonely, I also occasionally blog from my work desk in the living room. This is mainly my jewelry making workshop, where many a night and weekend is spent slaving away. But my trusty laptop and I have some good blogging adventures here as well. I recently relocated this desk from the office to the living room for more light and separation between the two spaces, and I find it easier to be more productive in this sunny room. I found the amazing vintage desk at a vintage warehouse that rents out to movies and TV shows that my boyfriend briefly worked at. The chair was one of those lucky New York sidewalk finds I never believed existed before then.

And lastly, I'm fairly certain that every blogger does the same from here as well, we have my third blogging station - my bed. I was fortunate enough to work for DwellStudio when I first moved to New York, and gained some excellent bedding to which I've been spoiled by. The bedside table was a DIY Ikea hack I saw in DesignSponge, the lamp (the pair the one in my office) an eBay score, the poster is by Banquet, the hanging planter by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, and a pretty little calcite mineral chunk sits inside a vintage case I found on Etsy. I think bedside tables are the absolute funnest things to decorate. After all, you wake up to it every morning!

Thanks for visiting where I blog, everyone!

Thanks Kate!
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