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Yay! I'm so happy to have Erica of the lovely blog Erica Knits visit with me today. ReadyMade readers might also recognize Erica from this Style Inspiration I did for her. Erica moved to Toronto for school last year and she seems to have tapped into a version of Toronto that has eluded me in the 6 years I've lived here. I love seeing this city through her eyes as well as seeing her lovely knitting projects unfold on her lovely blog. This is where Erica blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first apartment where I blog from in Toronto. Blogging usually occurs at my desk. Most of the time my desk is barely visible under a stack of articles and research, but since I’m on a break from my degree work, it’s nice and clean. At blogging central, my bulletin board keeps track of the photos I have posted or will post. My inspiration fills the notebooks to the left of the computer. I’ve been writing and gluing in them since I was little. My high school inspiration notebook is still one I refer to all the time! Nikole’s (Forty Sixth at Grace) cookie recipes are on my wall. I stuck them up there while writing a particularly difficult paper as motivation to finish. It worked!

My table is my second desk. When I really need to spread out, I bring my laptop over. I try to keep my cake plate stocked with treats, like Nikole’s Cloud Cookies; which I did make as soon as my essay was complete. The yellow daisies were an impulse purchase the night I was having a friend over for dinner.

I’m always in the process of filling my walls with art. My apartment decor is really a testament to the blogging community. Anabela of Fieldguided introduced me to Sonja Ahlers who makes these gorgeous bunnies. The bunny in the mitten is called a peeper.

The joy of having a laptop means the ability to blog from my bed. This requires an elaborate act of balancing the laptop on my knees, but it’s comfy. A stack of books always rests on my nightstand next to my Devil’s Ivy. On the wall above my bed is a drift wood heart made by the lovely couple, Nate and Katie, behind HearBlack Etsy. I just put it up the other day as soon as it came in the mail. The turtle is a My Favorite Dress Etsy creation by Claire aka clumsy bird on flickr.

Lastly, this is where I knit and watch the world go by.

Thanks, Jane for letting me be a part of “Where we blog from”!

Thanks Erica!
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