Where we blog from: Cafe Cartolina

I'm so happy to have Fiona Richards of Cafe Cartolina share where she blogs from. Though, it's a wee understatement to describe this as where Fiona blogs from; this is actually the central hub of Cartolina studio, the greeting card and paper products business Fiona runs. You can also see her beautiful home here. Fiona's blog features a rustic, but eclectic style that is also embodied in her products. Charming, happy, beautiful and relaxed... it's easy to feel at inspired here. This is where Fiona blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Where do I blog from? Well, pretty much from the middle of nowhere. The Cartolina studios are located in Nelson British Columbia which is in a fairly remote area of South East BC. Nelson's a small ski town on the edge of Kootenay Lake. We are an 8 hr drive to Vancouver. If you'd like to know more about Nelson you can read the guest post that I did for Poppytalk a couple of years ago. I like people to know where we are located because I think reflects in my work - and my work includes blogging!

I blog on my laptop so that I can work either in the studio or at home at the dining room table. If I've had a long day at work then I take it home with me! The studio is filled with paper stuff and books and magazines. I have a long work table with my big Mac system that I use for designing at one end and then this little blogging space by the window at the other. I use the laptop for all my accounting, inventory and blogging. It's a MacBook and I love how small it is - I like to take it with me when we travel to shows etc so that I can blog on the road.

I have a couple of huge magnetic boards on the wall where I collect inspiration - mostly vintage. It's really important that I keep beautiful things close by when I am working. Most of the drawers files and boxes are full of vintage ephemera - which I feature often on Cafe Cartolina. It's not easy taking pictures in the studio because of the light. We have a gallery light system which has very strong flood lights and creates strong shadows when I'm trying to take pictures - but I did my best :-)

The studio is quite big with an office at one end, a washroom at the other and the stock room is a couple of steps up. The ceilings are very high and we have log posts (because we live in the mountains!) It's a great space to work in. Everything is very organized.

I use a clip board system to organize buyers info and below is the stock room - there are probably more than half a million cards in there! So it has to stay very organized. I can't work or blog in a messy space. I blog everyday, at the end of the day. I don't preplan any of my posts - they are literally whatever catches my eye at that moment. 


Thanks Fiona!
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