Textures of home

The current Cote Maison L'Ouest (No. 86) contains an article about the Aran Islands, which of course I cannot read because je ne parle pas français. But I could appreciate the visuals. And I especially loved these textural collages. The grey one, in particular, made me feel like I really had no choice but to love greys growing up surrounded as I was...

They got me thinking that this might be a fun project. Of course, there are always some close-up textural shots in my assorted snaps. But a continued and consistent effort to observe and record the textures around me might make for a fun project.

Photography by François Goudier


  1. Well of COURSE I love this. I may have to pick up a copy, and peut-etre je peux le traduire pour toi (my French is terrible but usually good enough to get the point across).

  2. Naturally, I love these. LOVE. The greys are beautiful. Such an elegant colour.

  3. So great. One can rarely go wrong with a good gray.

  4. Oh, the beauty in the detail of these photos is slaying me. Wonderful. The Aran Islands. (Big. Big. Sigh.)

    I've not forgotten about that e, my friend.

  5. Those cables look gorgeous can't wait to get started on cable pillow/throws!


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