I want to thank everybody again for the amazing support and openness with which you responded to my Wednesday post. On Friday, I reread all the comments and replied to them. More keep coming in and I want to reply to everybody, but I'm trying to pace myself, so please don't feel like I'm ignoring you if I haven't got back to you already.

I don't want my blog to become just about this, but I also feel like this topic resonated so much with so many that I should continue to share. However, for all our sakes, I'm not going to indulge in daily navel-gazing. I want to get on with things and explore those other things that I love and make me feel happy and hopeful.

Gardening and planting is one of those things. Last night I ordered a bunch of succulents online (from here). I haven't done this before, so I can't attest to the quality. But, I'm hopefully going to make a sweet succulent garden in my front window. I've always loved succulents and they've always loved me back, having lots of cute little babies. Though I'm determined that my next move will get me a little patch of earth to play in, this will make me happy right now. Ultimately, I would love to grow sweet peas and salad greens and even having a growing wall.

Images from Flora Grubb
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