It's impossibly nice in Toronto today. I have all my windows open and the drapes are flapping in the breeze. And I went for a big stroll and also got in lots of healthy groceries. I'm going to try to pack lunches this week. Though I've never been good at this in the past, I have an idea that discipline and control in that one area will have an effect on everything else I'm feeling

My weekend was really good. I think what I need weekends to be. I got lots of sleep and I went over to a friend's for dinner. I stayed off the phone and off the internet. I didn't get the work done that I usually do over the weekend, but I'm just letting that slide. I'm going to switch my need to overachieve from the stuff I do for others to the stuff I do for myself.

It's funny the things I start thinking about when I'm becoming relaxed. Today, I started dreaming about horses. I've always had a tendency to like animals more than people (my favourite job ever was when I worked at the Veterinary Faculty in Dublin). And today I just wanted to have that feeling of being around horses. It's been such a long time since I was on one, I feel like I have to learn from scratch. But there are some stables near where I work, so I might look at an upcoming class. Are you a horsey person? If I had a horse of my very own, I would call him Kite.

Image from buttonmoon's Flickr
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