Slow and steady wins the race. I can feel myself getting closer to the surface each week. It's still not easy. There are moments when the process feels indulgent and there are moments when it's really hard. And then, best of all, there are a-ha moments. When something I feel I've played in your head a million times and have every explanation for is cast in a new light. And I suddenly have new fuel for thought.

Last weekend, when I said I wasn't going to-do list myself, I slept all day Saturday. And I stopped myself from self-flagellating too much over it. I feel like everything is so heightened right now I just have to let my days unfurl as they will. And though I'm fantasizing (as always) about all kinds of external changes, really it's a more profound change I'm making without changing anything external. And it will be a better foundation for what comes next than I've ever had, I think.

Blog love for this week: A lovely wing chair round-up (but the one in this scheme is still on my mind). And there's so much loveliness from Maria's blog lately. Can you believe this is the first ever dress Celine made? And you won't be suprised that I loved all of this grey. Sometimes, I think Chelsea and Rita Konig were separated at birth (Exhibit A). While I mentally ordered a half dozen of these prints (but refrained because I have so many unframed prints right now).

I decided to take Monday off work, which makes this the longest stretch off work I've had since last October (!) What are you up to?

Image credits: 1. memories and dust, 2. :: anniversary bouquet ::, 3. update, 4. Untitled
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