I'm so glad it's Friday. I made lots of little changes this week that I thought could make a difference: I stopped checking work e-mails in off hours. I packed lunches and cooked dinners from scratch. I set aside one unscheduled hour every night (unfortunately, this came out of sleep time, rather than work time).

But I'd be completely lying if I said that all this made a big difference. I really need to think about bigger changes. And, if I feel like I'm not ready (for whatever reason) to make those bigger changes, I need to ask for some help to get there.

Still, the magnolias are getting ready to flower here and they always brings me cheer. I guess as much as I'm craving change, I'm craving stillness. I've had the stuffing knocked from me and I feel like I need to recoup. But I can't recoup from the thing I'm stuck in, so I suppose I'll have to muster the energy for change from somewhere.

Happy weekend, friends!

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