Book report: Let the Great World Turn

I haven't been reading for a few months. If I'm not happy, I can't read. Because I have to be happy to be consumed. And reading is all-consuming for me. I knew that when I started reading again it would be a good sign. And I tried to force it. But in the end, the book I picked back up was one of the ones I had put down when I couldn't focus my brain on anything but sadness. And I'm glad I went back to Let the Great World Spin.

Even though I'm a bit tired of that colliding synchronicity method that so many storytellers have used in recent years, I enjoyed this book. Even when it wobbled, I was excited about the words and the turning of the pages. I really didn't appreciate how good it was until I reached the very end and started surveying its great sweep. Though I hope I read better books this year. I'm so excited about David Mitchell's new book. But mostly, I'm glad I'm reading again.

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