Where we blog from: Simple Lovely

Simple Lovely is one of those blogs that is exactly what it promises to be. Every one of Joslyn's posts exhibits an approachable kind of loveliness. Her Bloggers Favourites series is always inspirational (I was lucky to be included in this series a while back, here). And Joslyn's annual Spending Hiatus is one of those genius ideas that many other bloggers have picked up on and benefited from (myself included!) It's no surpise then that Joslyn's blog space is just as lovely. This is where Joslyn blogs from and what she has to say about it...

One of the things that I fell hardest for when we were in the process of buying our home was the little office “nook” in the hallway.  While I often dream of a big sunny “studio” space where I could work and write and do projects, I’m happiest in a cozy little spot. (Doesn’t everyone dream of a tiny hideaway?)

My space is literally carved out of the hallway, sort of an extra large closet.  There’s a built-in desk and some shelves above where I keep the girlies drawings, an ever-changing inspiration board, a little vase of fresh flowers and a rotating collection of my favorite little things.  It’s small and not so sunny, but, well…it’s all mine.


Thanks Joslyn!
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