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Melissa Loves is a blog I have come to know and love in the last year. And it has quickly climbed the ranks to be one of those blogs I check in on without waiting for my reader to alert me of a new post. Melissa's blog is the perfect medley of great finds and personal narrative, with one of the sweetest headers out there. And the lady herself exudes the same warmth and charm that permeates every post and comment she leaves. She always makes me smile. This is where Melissa blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I often work at my desk but, when I really want to relax & get into what I am working on I sit here on my couch. :) It is usually when my girls have gone off to school, I get warm & cosy under the blanket, alw
ays have a cup of tea beside me and my laptop on my lap. We moved into this house about 8 months ago. We didn't paint but, I would really love to. This room was originally the dining room but, we made it the living room. I am so glad because we can enjoy the fire! Most of the things in my home are things we have had for awhile and I give them new life with paint (like the side tables) or thrifted & painted (like the coffee table) or the lamps (I didn't paint them, though!) I love the light that comes into this room in the morning and this room is the soul of our house, where we spend the most time. My girls like to eat or draw at the coffee table and it is always very cosy to watch a movie here or visit with friends.

The opposite view, we use our fireplace a lot during the cold weather and some of my favorite things are on the mantle: left to right

~ a print by Anna Bond
~ a sign from my friend Marichelle's shop
wunderlust, it reads "be kind"
~ inside the lidded glass jar is a sweet little bird from
Lauren Alane, on top of a wooden spool of silver tinsel (a gift from Marichelle)
~ "It's OK" sign from
~ a garland from lovely Jeska of
Lobster & Swan
~ a Jonathan Adler bowl, a gift from a great friend ~ and the pom poms are from here (I had bought them for my older daughter's birthday and then re-used them in here when the party was over)
Below, you can see a bit of my littlest daughter's castle, she loves to play with her animals in there! :)

I have said before that my home is very much an extension of me....I try to surround myself with lovely and inspiring things...whenever I sit here I feel hopeful, open and happy. Then inspiration tends to follow....
Jane, thank you so much for having me, it is an honor to be included in your wonderful series. I love seeing where other bloggers work & live and I hope everyone enjoyed my little peek.

Thanks Melissa!
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