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Kate of The Goodie Life is a seriously lovely blogger. So lovely, she makes me want to move to Montreal just to hang out and look at pretty pictures and share stories. When she asked me to participate in her nightstand series, I instantly said yes, only if you share where you blog from. Being lovely, she obliged. So, this is where Kate blogs from and what she has to say about it...

we just built a house. from plans. about 8 months ago. and that year long process was one of the most stressful, exciting, heart warming and exhilarating times i've ever known. one thing i seriously underestimated though was the amount of time it takes to make a house a home. that's what i'm doing now. trying to make a home. i find myself blogging either in our kitchen. or in our sad family room. which actually, finally, seems to be getting it's act together (i made some big progress with this space last weekend). but mostly i blog from this chair in our bedroom. usually i'm trying to escape my husband who is yelling seriously loud at a soccer game on tv. and i find a nice bit of solitude and inspiration in this little chair.

i'm surrounded by my favourite things in our bedroom. my cherished books and my domino and house & home magazines. which are a constant source of blog inspiration. and recently jane gave me the wonderful idea of rereading old domino issues of the current month. it continues to amaze me how an october 2007 issue of doimno is still so relevant. i've recently had to get this magazine rack because my nightstand was. out. of. control. it was like a giant pile of decor magazine loveliness had infiltrated my side of the bed. and i can assure you that 457 magazines piled on a small nightstand is not a pretty sight.

zidane (our boston terrier) follows me wherever i go in our house. so when you read my blog know that zidane has been there supporting me. zidane's support = rolling on the bed. yawning. looking out the window. and bringing me a toy. the fact that our bedroom is one of the more finished rooms in our house helps. like there's actually art. on a painted wall. but one of my favourite things is that when i look out our bedroom window. all i see is trees. and for a HUGE city girl, i have to thank my husband for convincing me that what i need most is a serene and calming and peaceful space. and when i come home from my day job in the crazy world of advertising, it's exactly what i need.

thanks so very much for including me jane! i've adored being here, on your lovely blog.

Thanks Kate!
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