Where we blog from: Forty-sixth at Grace

What can I say about Nikole of Forty Sixth at Grace that I haven't already said (here and here and even on other people's blogs here)? And, of course, she's half the team behind the amazing Herriott Grace too. I could gush till kingdom come. She is simply one of the most charming, poetic and talented of bloggers. This is where Nikole blogs from and what she has to say about it...

hi y'all! i'm nikole and this is where I blog from.

from the table in my kitchen
all weathered and grey
it's six feet of comfort,
in the most family of ways.
generations of toast, and eggs, and jam.

and too, from my wee shiny desk.
a place home to things, i find myself fond.
pictures and prints and ephemeral bits.
cream bark from a tree, sent by a friend.
small cameras for trips and a tin filled with film.
strips of ribbon, and silk, and sticks of black wax.
and, a branch i love, as though it fell just today.

all things that inspire, simple and clear and sitting just so.

happy week!
and thanks jane.
it's been fun.
xox, n.

Thanks Nikole!
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