Did I tell you I bought a pedometer? My goal for the next eight weeks is to hit the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Or at least 70,000 total by the end of a week (since I walk much more on weekends). And my first week hitting the goal was relatively easy. I did make some conscious decisions to walk the long way a few times. But, it turns out I'm not as sedentary as I thought, which is a pleasant surprise. After my first eight weeks, I'm going to try to get up to 12,500 per day. And since I'm dieting too, it should be no time at all until I start to feel more like my normal self again.

I'm working on other plans too, taking your advice to break things down into short-term steps and I've been looking back at my 2010 resolutions. As always, my problem isn't about not knowing what to do or what I need to make me happy. It's about this odd tendency I have to think other things ought to make me just as happy, because they seem to be the kinds of things that make other people happy. But since when have I gone with the norm!? I don't know why I try to sell myself on things I know I'll never love.

I bought some yellow ranunculus and freesias on the way home from coffee today and put them in a Bonne Maman jam jar. They're not open yet but they already look happy. And I'm looking forward to March 17th. I never do anything overtly paddy-esque. I'll likely end up having cocktails with one or two friends and dodging the green beer brigade. The rest of today will be laundry and spring cleaning. The wind and rain has finally died down, so I'm going to throw open some windows and set myself up for the week.

How's your weekend going?

Photo from my Flickr
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