I'm craving the simplest, cleanest things right now: Water and light, delicate flowers and lemons, white cotton and bare floors. I'm in a kind of dreamy, reflective state of mind, looking inwards a lot but also craving the most basic tactile, sensual things in the world. Transitional seasons always make me more sensitive to my environment and less in need of material comforts and little treats to help me along the way.

I'm dreaming up all kinds of schemes and changes right now too. But mostly I'm trying to listen to myself better. I ignore myself constantly. And even though I have this bolshie, independent streak, I seem to look to others for validation. Or maybe I just like bouncing plans off others because it makes them seem more real. Whatever it is, I'm trying to make just saying something to myself be enough. Enough to make me accountable. Enough to make me follow through.

I saw lots of nice things on other blogs this week. I put some of them up on my Tumblr. And here are some more: This luggage (from an Irish company!) is awesome. "Covet" seems like an appropriate name for this jewelry. Random want of the week: a sweater stone. And a super cute fox, just cause. This one is from a while back, but I'll probably make this warm mushroom salad this weekend.

What are you going to eat, see, do? Have a great weekend!

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