How was your week? I have a wee cold so was a little feverish. But I kept my head down and got through the work week, feeling in good form despite it all. I'm trying to not let stress get to me. I'm pretty sure there's a decision involved in stressful living. It can be easier to give into it than pull yourself back and find some balance.

The shopping fast is going well too. The less I think about shopping the more I start craving nature and wishing I could get out of the city. I found myself wishing I could telecommute a lot this week and looking at homes in more remote Canadian towns. Our premature Spring weather just compounds that lust for nature.

Around the web this week: Lottie & Doof is my favourite food blog. This soup would soothe my cold and this dessert would soothe my soul. Spring brings a craving for fresh flowers and, though I will never make flower arrangements this imaginative and whimsical, I will enjoy trying.

This place made me happy and added fodder to my countryside daydreams.This happy DIY is the kind of thing I would spend my days doing there. And I might also pick up some pews or church chairs like these for dining around. If I absolutely must live in the city, this kind of home would do very nicely, thank you!

I'm hoping to spend some time outdoors this weekend and spring-clean when I'm inside. I've got some new magazines to read and some new columns to write. Nothing too harried and no social engagements. Janey time and rest. What are you up to? Happy weekend, friends!

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