Forgotten skills

This book by Darina Allen, the grand dame of Irish cooking, is released in Canada today and I'm dying to get it on the way home from work. I expect its contents will add fodder to all those fantasies of keeping chickens and vegetable patches and greenhouses. My Mum is a real old-school cook and I feel like I miss out on learning from her because I'm so far from home (plus she herself cooks less and less). So, I'm hoping to pick up some of those old skills, and more, from this.

Update: I got the book and am smitten. Darina's writing voice is lovely and familiar to me and many of the recipes (particularly the desserts) are things I grew up eating that I would have forgotten about. The book is pretty meat-heavy. But I'm not that puritanical kind of vegetarian. If I was a meat-eater, this is definitely the approach I would take. It's wholesome and very authentic.
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