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I'm sitting here thinking about what to say about Christina of Soul Aperture, but describing her as a beautiful person with a beautiful blog seems pat. There's something wholly enveloping about her presence. I previously described her blog as a big bearhug (here) and still feel like that's exactly it. I always change gears when I visit it. You can't rush through anything Christina writes or you might miss the magic. The magic is her goodness. It reaches out through her posts and you can't help but want more and more of it. This is where Christina blogs from and what she has to say about it...

My little space, is a piece of heaven for me. It's where I edit photos, go over recipes for my job, and of course blog! :)
My desk is in a corner of the family room, which helps me feel as though, I'm not missing out on all the fun stuff!
I open my mail here, and place my handwritten letters from Jamaica, in a nice stack, to keep me warm. : )

I adore the art work of Francine Van Hove, she is all through my home.
"My main theme is, without a doubt, that intimacy and peace which women know when they are alone, when they enjoy such simple pleasures , such as reading during breakfast, or losing themselves staring into the eyes of a cat, or just sleeping." -Francine Van Hove

My desk is surrounded by some of my photography, and a sweet pink photo from coco sunday. I love the feeling of being inspired here. I have a tree branch that I have placed crystals on, the crystals reflect light, even when the sun isn't shining. It is a nice reminder for me to do the same. : ) I have a photograph that I took, of the poet, and activist, Nikki Giovanni, on my wall.

It was one of the greatest days of my life, when I photographed her and spent time with her. The power of women, grace this space. I love that!

An etch a sketch with hot pink knobs, old cameras and books, always books... Swoon!

Fresh flowers are must, for the old, hot chocolate can ; ) And string, lots of string to wrap gifts up.

Thank you for inviting me, Jane. I adore it here, at your lovely blog.
One love.

Thanks Christina!
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