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I feel like everybody out there must have experienced the exuberant warmth that comes in the form of Karey Mackin. She's hilarious, touching, insightful and is one of those foundational support structures that underpins our little community. Karey's also one of the talented ladies behind T.ruffle Girls, a store that sells charming "candy for the soul". If these images don't make your Monday a little sunnier, I don't know what will! This is where Karey blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hi! It's me...Karey M. of Mackin Ink and also one half of the T.ruffle Girls. I'm delighted to walk around Jane's imaginary home today, as it's honestly one of the truest, most thrillingly well-edited spaces I've discovered. Plus I always leave here feeling smarter. And today, if you notice, I'm using capital letters. That Jane Flanagan...

We've just moved back to the States after about six years overseas, so I feel like this house still has a sort of un-lived in feeling about it. My fault, entirely, because from the minute we stepped back into it, I was already packing to leave. I crave adventure.

But I was happy to retrieve my drafting table from storage. My dad refinished it before he died, so it's a pretty important piece to me. I put it in the brightest corner of our kitchen, and it's from here that I write
Mackin Ink and all the words that mean the most to me and Mary Swenson's photos on our T.ruffles blog, The Sweeterie.

Most of our walls are covered with photographs from our travels. Not that you can really tell, as I tend to crop pictures to highlight smiles and sparkly eyes. Obviously, the mud-covered shot of my husband and middle daughter, Grae-Rose, was taken at the Dead Sea, but only I would know that the other one is of Lillie Kate in Oman and the other is of a sleeping Esmé in Jordan. This quirk of mine infuriates my husband to no end.

Our giant mirror is old-school Pottery Barn, back when they only sold frames and candles. I simply must get motivated to hang it before we pack-out again. At several times of the day, one of our girlies three is standing at the globe, chatting and pointing out where we've been and dreaming of where we'll go next. Those tiny moments inspire me greatly.

I refuse to write without strong coffee in great amount. Also, it seems I may be going blind, and even the cutest frames as recommended by Greedy Girl are not helping me.

I store most of my markers and pens in random colorful pots, and anything that shouldn't be seen is stuffed in one of eight silver cannisters, from a Nambé wine chiller to sturdy ice buckets to the skinniest cylindrical vases. Silver and turquoise is seriously one of my favorite color couples.

I'm unashamedly drawn to pretty, shiny views, so you'll find collections of glimmering objects on my desk and smack in front of me. My capiz shell wind chime is the only thing I wrap and pack myself before every move we make. To me, it's one of the happiest things ever made: canary yellow and fragile and singing the loveliest songs. Perfection. And while I despise cold weather, my seasonal views just out my window aren't too bad, either.

Thank you, Jane! This was a total kick. And if any of you want to visit me, either on Mackin Ink or The Sweeterie or even our Etsy Shoppe, I'll always be thrilled to see you. xoxo, karey m.

Thanks Karey!
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