Recent acquisitions

I've been on a bit of a spending fast, but some things have slipped through nevertheless. Still, it's difficult to regret buying something you truly love. Other than these lapses, I've been very good and stuck with my 2010 budget so far (which is the real goal). And, if it's any further consolation, the clothespeg sailor girl was a gift from the gorgeous Jill Bent (she and I can wear matching outfits!). Thanks Jill!

Many of you have left comments asking about my experience with the Turkish towels. I LOVE them. They're incredible soft and absorbent, full "bath sheet size" and the price is unbeatable. I really like how light they are too - great for the summer months. The shipping time (understandably) took a little longer, so if you're ordering them with a deadline in mind, get the order in rather early.

Sailor girl clothespeg doll by Jill Bent / Turkish Peshtemel by Turkish Bath / Little Rocks necklace by Colby June / Ink blot pillow by Uniform Natural
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