Old favourite

Some magazine spreads just get under your skin. And sometimes it takes a long time for it to sink in just how much something has got under your skin. Last night, I sat on my floor and pulled issue after issue of World of Interiors off my bookshelves to find this home, which was featured in the March 2007 issue.

This house is in Co. Cork, Ireland (and coincidentally was also featured in this book, which I realized after finding it again). And there's nothing hugely dramatic about this home, apart perhaps from the kitchen, which has been left original with the walls simply washed down. I love the idea of leaving one room in a renovation a little raw. I think this may be one of my favourite homes featured in any magazine ever.

The best thing about looking at a home like this and realizing that it's my favourite is that it makes sense of so much that I see in my own apartment. Sometimes I feel li
ke there's a discrepancy between my taste in my blog and my actual home. But, when I see this, it all seems to come together in a way that I can only see in my mind's eye and can't put words too.

All images scanned from World of Interiors, March 2007
"Country Fare" photographed by Lois Crighton
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