Today is the start of a four-day weekend for me. I want to pull my apartment asunder and tidy it to bits, rearrange things and make it all feel fresh and new. I'm craving a change, inspired by the longer evenings and reawakening trees. I want to wake up from my own wintry slumber and be more open and excited by possibilities.

I want to surprise myself by loving something new; something that stretches my idea of myself into a new shape. I want to read my favourite poem and find an idea entirely unexpected in it, one that only this moment could have revealed.

I want to be a better friend and tell everybody I love how amazing they really are. And that includes you, blog readers. You're amazing. Happy Valentine's Day and happy weekend!

Image credits: 1. You can live in the corner of my room and I will live somewhere between the ceiling and the wall, 2. happiness, 3. .9408, 4. Untitled

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