Where we blog from: Simply Grove

Simply Grove is a relatively new blog discovery of mine. But it really doesn't take too long to fall for Kirsten's style. Her blog - just like her home - brims over with her talent and love of design. Kirsten has some really fun features on her blog, including Style Tests and Le Bois Tuesdays, featuring fabulous Boise hotspots. This is where Kirsten blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I try and do a majority of my blogging from my office though I sometimes end up lounging in my family room or dining room. My office gets alot of sunshine in the A.M so its nice to be in there with a cup of coffee and a light breakfast. (Unless I am having breakfast with my kids.)

The main space of my house is very open with no doors so its easy for my kids to come and distract me but I don't care. I figure that I will eventually get done whats needed.
I have to be surrounded by inspiration when blogging about inspiration so I have my favorite design and decor books lined in front of me on my desk. I also have a wired basket with some sweet notes from friends and fellow bloggers that I keep on my desk.

Even though I don't have any pictured in these images, fresh flowers are a must, especially when its drabby outside. I use an "S" chair for my work chair and its not the most comfy thing so I have a sheepskin throw draped on the back for some added comfort.
Lighting is key in any space so for my desk lamp I am using the Bourgie Lamp in clear. The pendant light has 16 lights so there is never a "dark" moment.

I love thinking, creating and imagining in this space!

Thanks Kirsten!
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