Where we blog from: Reading My Tea Leaves

There's something reassuring about returning to familiar routines. No, I'm not talking about getting up for work this morning (ugh!), I mean the first "Where we blog from" of 2010! This week, we're looking at the blog space of lovely Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves. Her fabulous blog made it onto my Top Blogs of 2009 list, so I'm thrilled to share where Erin blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Way back in August, my boyfriend and I made the big move from North Carolina to Rhode Island. I was starting grad school and my number one requirement for our new apartment was to find a space in which I could have a room of my own (Virginia, you said it sister).

I need space to be able to think and I wanted my work space to be different, if only marginally, from the space where I could unwind and relax. We were very lucky to find an apartment with a finished attic space, and I quickly claimed this little corner of it as mine.

While James was off doing research, I finished a desk top for each of us and propped them up on simple little white legs from Ikea. My desk has become my favorite place to do my school work and to write my blog. Shifting from my usual perch at the kitchen table was a good decision for so many reasons, but mostly I love this new blog space for the early morning light that streams in the window, and the nighttime view of my neighbors' lights, all twinkly across the way.

Thanks Erin!
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